Wedding in Bali

the sanctus

The Sanctus Uluwatu

The island of Bali is blessed with beautiful white sandy beach and wonderful sunset which is why many couples choose the island as their wedding destination.

Bali wedding

Having your wedding in Bali can be one of a lifetime experiences which will linger for ever. Taking one of the wedding chapel in Bali as your wedding destination is a hard choices. There are several wedding chapel to choose from and all of them are great from its location, its setting, the views and everythings.

Bali Chapel

The island of Bali has several beachfront chapel, cliff front chapel or private villas by the beach front which can be choose as your wedding ceremony in Bali. Each one can offer a romantic ceremony by the beach.

If having a difficulty in deciding your wedding destination in Bali, we can assist you as our wedding specialists will plan and organize your Bali wedding ceremony for you. Contact us for an assistant!

Featured Chapel

Khayangan Estate Villa

khanyangan estate villa wedding

Khayangan estate is one of the luxurious cliff front villa in Uluwatu which has a remarkable views of the Indian ocean, wonderful views of sunset and at the same time with its fast tropical landscape can be used as a wedding ceremony.

Khayangan Estate Villa

Infinity Wedding Chapel

ayana wedding chapel

This is the mosy iconic wedding chapel on the island of Bali. Its superb design with its asymmetrical stunning lines bestriding shimmering reflection pools and also the walways from the finest marble you can find.

Infinity Wedding Chapel