Multi Tiered Waterfall Gitgit

Multi tiered waterfall is one fo the Gitgit series of waterfall which is the Twin waterfall, Mekalongan waterfall, multi tiered waterfall and the original Gitgit waterfall. The multi tiered waterfall is the third waterfall in Gitgit located just before the first introduce waterfall of Gitgit.

Located in Singaraja regency around 2 hours drive from the city of Denpasar, this waterfall has wonderful views of several waterfalls into one.

Multi Tiered Waterfall Pictures

multi tiered waterfall Photos

Multi Tiered waterfall. For more pictures Of Multi Tiered waterfall Gitgit here.

To get to this waterfall you will past scenic views of Bali through the island center road to Singaraja. You will passing beautiful rice fields, beautiful lakes, a forest and many more. It will take around 2 hours drive to get to this waterfall from the city of Denpasar.

It located right on the road so it can be easily to be found. If you are using motorcycle then you can get near to the waterfall but if using a car then you must park then walk around 5 minutes to the waterfall.

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