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Bali is the island of Gods, the island is full of remarkable things from its rice fields, its mountainious ranges, its lake, its waterfall and is culture and traditions. many tourists coming to the island to take pictures of Bali. Photos of Bali are already famous since the first photos of the Balinese appearing in Europe and America when Dutch still rules in Indonesia.

If you love photography then Bali is one of the best island to takes lots of photos from its unique culture and also its scenery. When coming to the island of Bali this site will help you decide what kind of photos you would like to take on the island. We hope you can inspired and wants to come to the island and takes as many pictures of Bali as you want.

If you need assistant to take photos around Bali or you want us to take your vacation photos in Bali then contact us and we will arrange photographer for you.

Latest Photos

Multi Tiered Waterfall

multi tiered waterfall gitgit

Multi Tiered Waterfall

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munduk waterfall

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Ulun Danu Batur Temple

ulun danu batur temple

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Jasri Beach

jasri beach

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